Hand Off My Friend - App

Built in partnership with local authorities and the PSNI

Hand Off My Friend - App

The Hands Off My Friend App makes it very easy to get in touch, find support and report hate crimes in Northern Ireland.

Built in partnership with Derry City Council, Limavady Borough Council, PSNI and Derry Multicultural forum, the app is designed for young people and is free to download. It includes resources, detailed information and access to support groups and is aimed at taking the fear and trepidation away from contacting the authorities.

PSNI Inspector Tony Callaghan had this to say:
“The App is particularly aimed at young people who are really media savvy. They are online all the time and this is our way of getting that low level information from them, to see what they see, or hear what they hear and take away the fear of having to contact the police directly.”

The app was launched in October 2012 and was greatly received by the PSNI, local authorities and was featured on BBC Online - Read Full Article Below

To download the app from the Hand My Friend Website - Click The Link Below

Hands Off My Friend - Home Screen A list of agencies provided with GPS directions and contact details Hands Off My Friend App Features