Awakin Apps 2012 Highlights

From sports events to country parks - we've got an App for that!

Awakin Apps 2012 Highlights

As Northern Irish Tourism innovators and pioneers we have worked with some great brands this year and will be publishing apps for 2 of Northern Ireland biggest events in 2013!

Key 2 Glenarm App
The Key 2 Glenarm App which was built with the support of The Prince’s TrustĀ is another example of our interactive treasure trail, giving the user the chance to explore Glenarm and be rewarded for doing so (albeit old school success as opposed to shiny gifts!). It also comes with great pictures and history of the area.

Carnfunnock Country Park App
The Carnfunnock Country Park AppĀ features events listing, key attractions and fun activities. Making for a rich and informative user experience and keeping Carnfunnock visitors abreast of the year’s activities!

Vauxhall International North West 200
Awakin has the great pleasure of creating the first ever International North West 200 App. Working with the famous Irish road racing brand and 2013 sponsor Vauxhall the app will be available in 2013. The North West 200 App gives users the latest racing news, special offers and a map of the course - highlighting the best vantage points!

Key 2 Glenarm App Carnfunnock Country Park Vauxhall International North West 200