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Awakin Apps

We are an award-winning company who deliver quality iPhone and Android Apps to drive your mobile marketing. We provide a cost effective mobile solution for business.

Awakin Tourism

Awakin your tourism potential with our simple, clear and supportive tourism consultancy. We provide many solutions including interactive walking trails, treasure treks and professional audio-trails all in your very own app!

Awakin iBooks

Awakin iBooks can bring your story to life by publishing to the iBook store - with phenomenal market reach. Awakin iBooks transforms your content into an interactive ibook with your publishing choice of free ibook, freemium ibook or paid.

Awakin Games

Awakin your brand with an app based game or HTML5 game to playfully engage. Awakin Games gives you the opportunity to create a unique selling point for your brand, by offering you the chance to publish apps, on iPhone, iPad, android and via the web.

Latest Work

Event Apps, Mobile Marketing and Strategy

Do you have an event, activity or attraction that would benefit from alternative marketing strategies?

Bespoke Marketing and New Product Development

iBooks, Digi-Guides and Viral Games

Mobile and E-Marketing solutions for Local Authorities

Mobile Apps, Social Media and E-Marketing Strategies and Delivery

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AWAKIN stands for Audio-Visual Welcoming Applications. Knowledge and Innovation Now!

We build Simple, Practical and useful experiences to support your visitors.

Our chosen tools are:

  • Smartphone Apps
  • Mobile Ready
  • Web iBooks
  • Social Games
  • Facebook Delivery
  • Twitter Strategy & Responsible E-Marketing

We Provide you these tools to find new customers, retain valuable customers, to increase their spend and to keep them connected to your business.

We offer this with clear and understandable pricing as well as advice to help you take and automate action quickly and effectively!