AWAKIN stands for Audio-Visual Welcoming Applications. Knowledge and Innovation Now! Awakin Digital Publishing provides digital solutions to customer engagement. Our chosen tools are smartphone apps, iBooks, social games, facebook, twitter and e- marketing.

Here at Awakin we understand the needs of a small company better than most because we are one ourselves! Over the years we have perfected our skill-set to be able to provide a whole range of products and services and we are confident we can provide the right solution for any company. While we specialize in the tourism and education sectors we have built apps for a wide range of businesses.

Smartphone Apps

The world of mobile apps is moving at an incredible rate - and as it does it creates more and more ways for you to engage with your customers! We believe that apps are a great way of making you stand out from the crowd - and we've got research and customers testimonials to prove it! (see blog for stats)


As a company based at the heart of the world famous 'Causeway Coastal Route' we are passionate about creating truly engaging Tourism Experiences. We produce these in order to increase awareness of activities, products and services visitors can enjoy.


With a constant growth in social media activity and smartphone usage (subscribe to our newsletter for key stats) we added game development to our list of services. In our first month of game development we had 3000+ downloads of our Titanic Island Game for iPhone and we have found this is a great way to engage customers in our overall communications strategies.

Digital Publishing (iBook)

Let us bring your story to life with an interactive and multi- media iBook - we can also provide traditional formats too! The iBook is a great tool for standing out against your competitors in the content industry and since we released our Titanic Island Interactive Study Guide, traffic to Titanic Dock.com has risen over 1000% and we now have a triple digit subscriber list! Can we assist you in growing yours?

John Bustard
Managing Director

For the past 10 years John has built up the Awakin portfolio to include a range of cutting edge products and brought together a team of highly experienced media producers and directors which are part of the wider Awakin team.

Gavin Greer

Gavin is our tech wizard and has a great track record in broadcast including time with BBC radio. His studies in Media and Communication succeeded in providing the team with great emphasis toward delivering solutions for the fastest growing sector since the .com - that of smartphones.

Our work takes us across many sectors were we are able to work with a range wide range of companies, some of our clients include:

Belfast Business Award Winner

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